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Shooting Stars (Series review) – Mood progression: C- / C / C- / C- / C- / D+ / C- / C-
With the entertainment industry as a backdrop, the motif of boundaries could be explored in many ways: between idols and fans (healthy stanning), between actors (reel vs real), between actors and their staff (professional vs private). So I can’t understand why we had to bloat the story with overdramatic arcs! Even without that, there’s the standard mentor mentee development arc that the show could’ve embarked on whether it’s between managers or even between actors?

Love All Play (Series review) – Mood progression: C- / D+ / D+ / D / D / D / D- / D-
Don’t. Just don’t.

Cleaning Up (Episode 1-2) – Mood: D+
Disappointing premiere: the insider trading bit would’ve sufficed, why add gambling debts, affair, bratty kids, clingy ex, another affair and more rude kids? And a 2022 show should have more nuance than rich people bad, rich people rude?

Yumi’s Cells 2 (Episode 1-2) – Mood: C+
And we’re back with round 2 with our favourite cells! The one major thing that bugged me about the 1st season was Gu Woong’s female friend, whose frustrating presence only served as a conflict point. We’ll see if the writer learns what to adapt this time round: I know some spoilers with Babi’s plot line and I’m worried to say the least. I’m praying very hard!

Link: Eat, Love, Kill (Episode 1-2) – Mood: C+
Okay, I’m buying the weirdness for now? There’s a weird parallel with Beyond Evil given that the male lead and the peeing guy (who’s considerably cleaned up in the past) starred in that drama as well which was also a whodunit. In a genre mix, the challenge will be to integrate the fantasy romance into the overarching mystery thriller: not easy at all.

Kiss Sixth Sense (Episode 5-6) – Mood: C-
We’re done with the first half of the show! I strongly doubt there’ll be anything narratively interesting in the second half when we already know there’s some childhood connection and tragic accident behind the OTP’s powers. But if you turn off your brain and watch moments like the male lead rescuing female lead from a plot device I guess it isn’t all too bad.

Showtime Begins! (Episode 13-14) – Mood: D+
The penultimate week brought about some actual world-building like the possibility of unascended spirits turning evil if their grudges were left unresolved as well as finally covering the backstories of the ghost trio but it’s kinda too little too late in my opinion? But then on the flip side we also had loads of dating filler to drag the boss fight into the finale week.

Woori the Virgin (Episode 9-10) – Mood: D+
I get what the writer’s going for with Ma Ri’s redemption arc, but I don’t think it’ll be an easy buy when it’s conveniently set up for her to presumably be the lynchpin in the fight against Chairman Kim, whose identity adds 0 value to the plot.

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