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You’ve been using your radiator all wrong

The weather outside is frightful, and so are household energy bills this winter as they’ve risen by 70% in just the past few months.

And the way you’re using your radiator could be adding to your outgoings – pushing up your energy bill by hundreds of pounds.

Many people go into autopilot mode when the weather gets colder, and instantly turn up the heating to battle the winter temperatures.

Most households will regularly set their thermostat above 22°C, but that’s higher than you need.

BestHeating explains that the thermostat is there to maintain the internal temperature, whatever the weather, you just need it at a comfortable temperature, not an opposite extreme.

Instead, if you lower the heating at the wall by just one degree, you can save hundreds of pounds according to experts.

“Keep the thermostat down and at a steady temperature,” says Will Owen, energy expert at Uswitch.

“Turning the temperature down by just one degree could reduce your bills and potentially save you over £100 a year.”

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