ULEZ checker LIVE – Angry drivers all saying same thing about London’s ultra low emission zone

Drivers in Coventry given £3,000 to get rid of their polluting cars

DRIVERS are being offered £3,000 to give up their highly polluting cars.

They can then use the grant to take alternative forms of transport like trains and taxis.

Nearly 150 people have already been given the grant as part of a trial scheme taking place in Coventry.

The scheme is designed to tackle the “most polluting” cars such as diesel vehicles built before 2016 and petrol models made before 2006/

In return for giving up their cars, drivers will be given the cash loaded onto a card to use toward greener forms of transport.

This includes buses, trains, bicycles, electric scooters, car clubs and taxis.

The scheme aims to help lower the UK’s carbon emissions and tackle climate change.

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