TV channel and updates from Anfield as Steven Gerrard returns to old stomping ground


Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp meanwhile is confident Steven Gerrard will manage the Reds one day.

When asked if it would happen, Klopp said: “Oh, yeah, Yes, absolutely. The only problem is when is the right moment for that?

“That’s not only about Stevie, but we saw that with Frank Lampard, for example, at Chelsea – a similar story.

“Stevie is doing really well because he is very young. So it’s just when is the right moment to take the job.

“Not that he is not able to do it, but how long you want to do it.

“So, is this the last job you do, is it the second job you do, the third job you do, whatever.

 “They are questions I cannot answer and I do not think I would be involved in him coming back here as a manager.

“But yes, I think it will definitely happen – and good for everybody.”

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