The Bachelorette 2021 LIVE – Michelle Young & Nayte’s date CRASHED by Chris and Joe breaks down in tears over basketball

THE Bachelorette Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya’s romantic date was CRASHED by Chris Sutton – which resulted in his elimination.

The suitor’s “desperate” attempt to connect with the Minnesota schoolteacher majorly backfired as Michelle sent him home on the spot.

Earlier in the episode, Joe Coleman broke down in tears as he revealed mental health struggles that stemmed from his basketball career.

Last week, frontrunner Nayte got into a feud with Chris for spreading “lies.”

The group has left California for her hometown of Minneapolis where the frontrunner was awarded the first one-on-one date of the night.

They both cried as Joe opened up about the difficult time he had transitioning out of his basketball-playing career.

He discussed that he had so many injuries, including a metal plate in his ankle, that his body just “broke down.”

Both Michelle and Joe cried as he discussed the toll it took on his mental health, as he “had no identity” outside of the sport.

The pair are seen in confrontation again in preview clips as Chris gatecrashes Michelle and Nayte’s date.

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    Week 5: At the end of week 5 rose ceremony, Casey and fan-fave Leroy were eliminated. Earlier in the episode, Chris S. was sent home after crashing Michelle and Nayte’s romantic one-on-one date.

    Week 4: At the rose ceremony at the end of week 4’s episode, Michelle Young chose three men to be eliminated. Chris G., Will and Romeo were sent home without roses. Fans were surprised to see Chris S. stay following the drama that enfolded this episode.

    Week 3: Five men were sent home during week 3. Jamie was sent home before the rose ceremony even began after he was exposed for lying to Michelle about there being rumors about her. Peter, Spencer, LT and Mollique were all sent home during the rose ceremony.

    Week 2: At the end of the second week’s episode, Pardeep Singh, Daniel Tully, PJ Henderson and Alec Thompson were eliminated when they failed to receive a rose from Michelle Young at the rose ceremony.

    Week 1: The first to get sent home on Michelle Young’s season was contestant Ryan after he was caught with a binder full of notes on how to ‘get a good edit on the show.’


    The green-eyed beauty joined Matt James’ season on an episode that aired on January 25.

    She was one of five women to get added to the show after filming commenced, which is why she did not appear in the original contestant line-up.

    Michelle made it to the finale of Matt’s season, but ended as his runner-up.


    Fans reacted to the elimination of one of the season’s most popular contestants.


    Following Chris S’ elimination, Michelle also sent home two more men at the rose ceremony.

    Fan-favorite Leroy was sent home, as was “voice of reason” Casey.


    Martin appeared to offend Michelle as he opened up about feeling that women from in Miami were “high maintenance.”

    Michelle appeared stunned at the blanket statement and asked “what makes females there high maintenance?”

    He replied: “When a girl expects someone to do everything for them. Men don’t think like that or expect women to do things for them.”

    The schoolteacher was not impressed with the answer and didn’t understand what he was attempting to convey.


    The men became nervous when it was time for the cocktail party as tensions were high for getting a rose.

    She took Rodney up to the rooftop to share the beautiful view, as they screamed from the literal rooftops “We love Minnesota!”

    Rodney admitted he “never” thought he would be lucky enough to experience a night as “amazing” as that date.


    “I was caught off guard with how you handled the situation,” Michelle said.

    Chris then asked why she displayed a “fake smile” all day, to which Michelle told him he had a “bad attitude.”

    “I appreciate you wanting to speak out for me, but at the same time, I can speak for myself.

    She then said she “does not see their relationship progressing” and walked him out to be sent home.


    Chris S. showed up to crash Nayte and Michelle’s date where he appeared extremely nervous.

    He was stumbling over his words and showed very anxious body language as he told Michelle he feels “insecure” in the house.

    “To be honest, I felt played by the whole situation before the rose ceremony. I said what I said and then you came down, sat next to Nayte.

    “I felt like what I said had fallen on deaf ears. I came to say ‘I warned you’ and I don’t want you to make the wrong decision.”


    Michelle did not hold back her feelings when it came to her strong connection with Nayte.

    “This is the best date I’ve ever been on,” Michelle said with a smile.

    “Like, ever?” Nayte asked shocked to which Michelle nodded.

    However, their romantic evening was interrupted when Chris S. crashed their date demanding to talk to Michelle.


    Michelle met with two of her close friends during a one-on-one date with Nayte.

    The duo were joined by a pair of Michelle’s longtime gal pals as they all sat on a boat trying to get to know each other better.

    “We can already tell you guys have physical chemistry,” their friends said.

    Michelle then admitted: “I’m surprised the deep feelings I already have.

    “I actually got choked up as he was walking away from me the first time.”

    Both of her friends “loved” Nayte which they called surprising as they are a “tough judge of character.”


    After Michelle gave her group date rose to Clayton, Chris began to become furious at the lack of attention he got.

    “She knows I’m this goofy guy and I’m not this week and she won’t come up and talk to me about it?

    “I can’t believe that. It rubs me the wrong way. She talked to all the other guys but not me,” he complained.

    The other men in the house are now worried he will “cause a scene” out of “desperation.”


    After Michelle said in last week’s episode that the men “didn’t appreciate her,” the boys were on their A-game this week – except one person.

    “It’s nice to see everyone take what Michelle said to heart, except Chris.”

    Chris S. fed Michelle misinformation and stirred up drama in the house.

    He is currently isolated from the rest of the group who appear to want nothing to do with him.


    Clayton was crowned the “ultimate viking” from their group date activity and admitted he was “staring at the ceiling” the night before over nerves for the day.

    Michelle complimented the Missouri hunk on “being present” during the entire date.

    They went back to the hotel where they shared a sweet kiss as she admitted she “really appreciated” him on that day.


    The men were assigned an array of tasks that traditional vikings would do, such as eating fish brain.

    “Will I die if I eat this,” Chris sincerely asked.

    They also participated in intense arm wrestling and heavy log throwing.


    Michelle met the men on the middle of the giant NFL stadium where the Minnesota Vikings play.

    The men were attempting to gain attention from their leading lady as they participated in a variety of Viking-themed tasks.


    The Bachelorette star continued her deep conversation with Joe Chapman during a candlelit dinner in Minnesota.

    “I’m so proud of you for trusting me and opening up to me. So Joe, will you accept this rose?” Michelle asked.

    “Yes, absolutely,” Joe said with a huge smile before the pair locked lips for a passionate make out.


    Michelle and Joe both broke down in tears as he opened up about the end of his basketball career.

    “Ball was life and then that life was gone. I always had high standards but I wasn’t there,” he said as his performance began declining over the years.

    He explained following multiple physical rehab treatments: “I knew I had to wrap it up and focus on what made me happy outside of basketball.

    “So much of my identity was around sports, I was like ‘who am I?’ I felt very lost.”


    Fans have insisted that if Michelle “doesn’t end up” with any men on The Bachelorette, she should be set up with an NBA star.


    Michelle greeted her group of men in Minnesota but dropped a big bombshell on them right out of the gate.

    She revealed her first date in Minnesota would be a one-on-one and it would be starting “right now.”

    The ABC lead then pulled aside Joe Chapman to have a romantic date with.

    The other men felt they were “done dirty” by being brought in to see Michelle only for her to choose Joe – who is from Minnesota – and send the others home.

    “He’s from here so they definitely have that advantage for a stronger connection,” one of her angry suitors said.


    Michelle returned back to her hometown of Minneapolis where she flashed a huge smile as she said it was “so nice to be back.”

    “I grew up here, I played basketball here, I teach here. This is my home,” she said.

    The Bachelorette then met up with her parents who are still married after over 30 years.

    “I won’t settle. If it’s not what my parents have, I don’t want it,” Michelle said.

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