Strictly Come Dancing 2021 – Dan Walker breaks silence after being voted off as fans blast ‘unnecessary’ part of show

Dan Walker feels ‘like a completely different person’ after Strictly

Reflecting on his journey on the show, BBC host Dan Walker said he felt like a “completely different person” to the person he started out as after three months of working with Bychkova.

He added: “The number of messages off people who’ve been inspired by watching a tall, awkward dad go on Strictly, who couldn’t dance and didn’t know what he was doing, to be able to do a tango like that on a Saturday night, that’s a huge change for me and a huge mindset change.

“And it’s helped a lot of people, either trying to dance for the first time, dance in the kitchen, dance for the kids, dance with their partner, and that’s what the show is all about, really.”

Bychkova also said her time on the show with Walker had been “very special”, adding: “I love teaching him but at the same time I learned so much from him.

“You gave me the confidence in front of the camera. You managed to create that environment for me where I felt safe, and I felt free to be myself for the first time, and your friendship gave me wings to fly again. Thank you very much.”

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