Sky Glass: How the new Sky TV offers a personalised experience like no other


ou’re well acquainted with your TV, but just how well does your TV know you? And, given just how much time you spend with it, and how central it is to your living room, shouldn’t it look a little smarter?

Now, with Sky Glass, it finally can. Sky’s new TV is the smartest TV you’ve ever seen, both on the inside and out, turned off or turned on. Offering personalised features to make your life easier and better, it’s not just the best way to watch any TV shows or films, but it’s the best at finding them too.

Sky Glass

It’s the first TV with Sky built-in. There’s no need for a dish outside of your house, no need for a box connected to it; no fuss to go through when your TV arrives.

Instead, you just plug Sky Glass in, pair it, and start playing. You can instantly jump into its stunning screen quality, roaring sound, personalised features and huge library.

Sky Glass doesn’t only offer Sky’s own vast library of TV shows, films, live sports and more, it also includes all of your favourite apps, such as Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Disney+ and Netflix.

And it sorts through those for you, too. Sky Glass has a phenomenal innovation in the form of the Playlist. You can create your own endless playlist of shows, with just a tap of your remote.

All you need to do is find a show, add it to your Playlist, and the currently available episodes will be ready to watch – as well as keeping track of future episodes. Save all your favourite shows to your Playlist, which brings together in one place all the programmes you’ve added from the TV guide, on demand and apps.

That way, you never miss a thing, or struggle for anything to watch. You have an continuous list of shows, all ready to be enjoyed.

Sky Glass

If you’d rather just jump in, you can chat to your Sky Glass; no need to hunt for the remote. Using innovative voice features – simply say “Hello Sky” to wake it up and get going – you can find your next favourite show.

Ask “What should I watch?”, for instance, and Sky Glass will answer, showing a range of recommendations. It can do that because it learns exactly what shows, channels and apps you love, and can then use them to give you recommendations.

Given we can talk to our thermostats and check in on your home from another country through video cameras, our televisions should be smart too. Sky Glass certainly makes that a reality.

But all of these innovative features deserve a similarly thoughtful television to showcase them. And with this new launch, they have one, as Sky Glass’s physical design is just as well thought out as the software.

/ Sky Glass

When it’s turned off, it looks better than most televisions do when they are switched on. Thoughtful design and precision engineering mean that Sky Glass will look right at home in your living room, as comfortable and elegant as your favourite piece of furniture.

It also comes in a vast array of colour options – from the ceramic white to the anthracite black, with rich colours in the form of dusky pink, racing green and ocean blue – and the option to personalise speaker fascias. Inside and out, it’s a TV you can really customise to suit your life.

Sky Glass is the first TV to be certified carbon-neutral, and includes a range of low power features that can help save the world and your power bills. It’s a TV that is as good as it looks.

Switch it on, though, and everything really comes alive. With Ultra HD and Quantum Dot technology producing over a billion colours, you can watch your favourite entertainment in vibrant, more intense colour.

Sky Glass

Designed with 360 Dolby Atmos sound with powerful built-in speakers and sub-woofer, Sky Glass transforms your living room to deliver optimum sound.

Turn on a wildlife documentary on Sky Nature, for instance, and you’ll be able to see the vibrancy of each exotic animal and hear the full quality of every bird’s call. But switch to Formula One on Sky Sports, and you’ll hear (or even feel) the engine’s full roar, and the rich colours and bright spectacle of the race.

The purchasing process for your Sky Glass is just as innovative as using it. Sky lets you buy through a series of affordable monthly payments, similar to a phone contract, and since Sky looks after the whole process, from delivery to unboxing your new Sky Glass and taking away the packaging, so you can get started, everything is simple and reliable.

It’s a TV that only Sky could make. It’s a process that only Sky could pull off.

From the outside design to the inside, the screen to the sound, Sky Glass is a beautiful looking TV – whatever you watch on it, or even when it’s turned off.

To pre-register your interest head to and you will be contacted via email when Sky Glass is available to purchase.

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