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Seo Ji-hye tries to disclaim her future with Yoon Kye-sang in new promos for Kiss Sixth Sense

In lower than per week we’ll be handled to Yoon Kye-sang (Crime Puzzle), Seo Ji-hye (Dr. Brain), and Kim Ji-suk (Monthly Magazine Home) gracing our screens, and within the lead-up, new promos have been launched for Disney+’s fantasy Kiss Sixth Sense.

Yoon Kye-sang stars as a person with extra-heightened senses, making him overly delicate to the whole lot he sees, hears, smells, tastes, and touches. Enter Seo Ji-hye, who can learn somebody’s future in the event that they contact her lips. Although in numerous methods, the 2 have suffered from having their skills have an effect on their relationships with others. And this appears to have held true when Seo was relationship ex-boyfriend Kim Ji-suk as properly. Now she’s poised to presumably, perhaps get right into a relationship with Yoon. But the state of affairs will get sophisticated when Kim instantly seems, desirous to be part of Seo’s life once more.

The newly launched teaser begins with Yoon Kye-sang reprimanding his employees for treating their work like a university group undertaking. Seo Ji-hye curses to herself that Yoon is a loopy jerk. But we then get dramaland’s quintessential unintended kiss, main into the subsequent sequence. Glimpses of Seo Ji-hye’s future visions are combined in with scenes from the previous and the current, and we’re launched to our three actors: Yoon Kye-sang, Seo Ji-hye, and Kim Ji-suk.

Returning to Yoon Kye-sang in one other assembly, he tells the group to only resign in the event that they’re not going to do higher. Hwang Bora (Dal-li and Gamjatang) sadly admits that Yoon nonetheless has the most effective specs at their firm and one other lady agrees that he’d be excellent if he wasn’t so scary. When Yoon asks Seo Ji-hye if she’s certain about her advert concept, Seo explains to Hwang afterwards, “It doesn’t matter what I do because that jerk will never be happy with it anyway. I’ll get in less trouble if I lower his expectations with something decent first and then elevate it to something better after.” Seo nonetheless curses Yoon, although, when he lets her journey and fall.

A teary Hwang Bora questions how Seo Ji-hye knew what would occur and is reminded that she will be able to learn the long run. In the showing textual content display screen and in voice-over, Seo explains, “I have a sixth sense. When my lips touch someone else’s body, I can see their future.” In disbelief over the imaginative and prescient of herself and Yoon, Seo confides in Kim Ga-eun (On the Verge of Insanity), who’s shocked however amused that Seo has slept and/or will sleep with Yoon Kye-sang.

Meanwhile Lee Joo-yeon (Hyena) worries over a sick Yoon Kye-sang. “What happened? Who was it this time? That’s why you’re sick, right? Tell me who it was this time! Do you think I don’t know? You were like this when we kissed that time too!” Back at work, Yoon nitpicks on the wobbly set and dangerous smells that solely he can sense. He’s proper concerning the set, although, and in the end injures himself whereas making an attempt to save lots of Seo Ji-hye.

Seo Ji-hye begins to just accept that her imaginative and prescient is coming true and the subsequent textual content display screen reads: “I’m going to date my jerk boss?” Going again to denial mode, Seo tries to persuade herself that it’s all only a coincidence. Kim Ga-eun strikes her down, “Just sleep with him. Just do it. Was there ever a time when your vision didn’t come true? Don’t you remember what happened before? Don’t you remember how you tried to re-see the future and ended up suffering because of it?”

This brings us to Kim Ji-suk, who has been employed by Yoon Kye-sang’s firm and tries to get again into Seo Ji-hye’s good graces. But Seo is conflicted about their previous: “At that time in my life, I wanted to avoid my future and tried to run away. Because the future I see is not always good. I live in the present, but my memories fill me with fear.”

In the ultimate sequence, the intermittent textual content screens learn: “Risky and passionate extrasensory romance,” “Man with five highly-developed senses,” “Woman who sees the future,” and “The first love who returned.” Yoon Kye-sang wonders if he’s instantly cured as a result of his senses appear to have calmed down, however he’s perplexed by Seo Ji-hye’s current conduct as properly. While Kim Ji-suk tries in useless to woo Seo, she’s extra involved about her perhaps future with Yoon. She decides she must re-confirm what she noticed and the video closes on her and Yoon’s kiss.

Premiering subsequent week on May 25, Disney+’s Kiss Sixth Sense was written by Jeon Yuri (Radio Romance) with PD Nam Ki-hoon (Oh My Baby, Beauty Inside) behind the digicam.

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