Seeing co-worker naked was a turn-off and sex was so awkward

DEAR DEIDRE: I RECENTLY got together with a woman who I really fancied.

We’d been flirting for months at work.

I saw her naked and was completely turned off


I saw her naked and was completely turned off

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I couldn’t believe my luck when she asked me back to her place.

We were getting together on her sofa and everything was going really well, until I saw what she looked like down below.

I’m 28 and she is 30. For a start she was really hairy and her parts were larger than I’d ever seen.

It really put me off my stride and I couldn’t keep an erection.

It was so embarrassing and I ended up leaving soon after. Now we avoid each other at work.

DEIDRE SAYS: Women are all shapes and sizes, just like men.

There is nothing wrong with longer, shorter or fuller parts.

And while most women on porn films have little or no hair down below, this can also create an unrealistic expectation of what women’s private parts look like naturally.

The scenarios you see in porn and the women acting in them don’t relate to real life at all.

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