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Camilla will receive Queen title to avoid ‘humiliation’

According to a royal biographer, Camilla will become Queen when Charles takes the throne, to avoid humiliation.

Penny Junor said that she has a ‘suspicion’ that Camilla will be called Queen as Charles is grateful for all that she has sacrificed for him.

She said: “I have a suspicion that she will be called Queen because I think Charles would find it very humiliating to call her anything else.

“He is hugely proud of her, hugely grateful to her, for all that she has sacrificed to be with him. 

“As I think, though Clarence House has always protested and said, ‘No, No she will be Princess Consort’.

“I think actually come the day she will be the Queen, and I think that we saw the Queen herself condoning that in an unspoken way, just a couple of weeks ago when she made her member of the Garter that was the highest level of honour that she could have bestowed on Camilla. 

“And I think it was an indication, a gratitude for her hard work, for her discretion, for her loyalty, and I think recognising that she is a very very valuable member of the family.”

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