Plans being made for ‘two-week lockdown’ despite PM vowing not to shut country down

Prof lockdown says Omicron is spreading rapidly

Professor Neil Ferguson said Omicron is spreading rapidly in the UK, but most Britons won’t get seriously ill because of rising immunity.  

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme: “From a public health perspective it means we expect immunity people have built up over the last 12 months to be better preserved against severe disease than against infection. 

“If you’ve been infected before or only had two doses of the vaccine you have very little protection against being infected with Omicron.

“But the protection against severe disease should hold up well. Perhaps 85-90 percent protection.”

He said the “very large epidemic” meant “even that level of protection” is “not perfect” and could lead to “very large numbers of hospitalisations”.

“With increasing amounts of data coming in. It is a real concern we will be heading into something that has the risk of affecting the behaviour of the health service,” he added. 

“People are changing their behaviour and that will have an impact, whether it is enough is hard to say.”

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