M&S shoppers reveal how to get freebies in store with hidden Sparks points

SHOPPERS at Marks and Spencer have revealed how they bagged freebies at the store with hidden reward points.

In some cases they hadn’t realised they had the free “cash” to spend at the posh supermarket.

Shoppers have spotted freebies come their way meaning they can get gifts worth a fiver or even more


Shoppers have spotted freebies come their way meaning they can get gifts worth a fiver or even moreCredit: Alamy

It’s not the first time shoppers have been surprised by secret rewards offered by stores.

Asda fans and reward members uncovered the delightful surprise of “free” vouchers when shopping online, simply as credit and discounts were automatically applied to their basket.

But it’s now Marks and Sparks customers’ turns to reap the benefits as they spot free vouchers entering their accounts.

It’s the perfect time for it too, as many fork out for gifts and goodies in time for Christmas from the posh supermarket.

In this case, the savvy shoppers shared their finds on Facebook forum, Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group.

One shopper shared how she claimed a Percy Pig novelty biscuit tin worth £5 for free from M&S.

She revealed how an email sent to her M&S reward address contained a “free gift” that she could add to her account.

She warned others on the page: “Always check your sparks card for offers!”

Between them, the other shoppers that made up over 200 of the comments under the post, attempted to work out the pattern for how the prizes are allocated.

They all agreed that they would pop up from time to time and what was on offer could change every time.

We’ve asked M&S to confirm exactly how the rewards work, and we’ll update this story once we know more.

You used to be able to earn points for every purchase made at the store, but M&S scrapped the system in favour of sending loyal customers money off their shop and the occasional free gift.

So with the “points” hidden away it’s become a bit harder for for shoppers to wrap their head around how to claim rewards.

In the meantime, the bargain hunting shoppers claim prizes are randomised but they can be determined by how much you spend at the shop.

One said: “I had free piggy wrapping paper last time, and today I got free chocolate Colin Caterpillars.”

Another said: “It depends on how many times you go to Sparks too. I got free mince pies.”

But another was disappointed as they said: “Not everyone gets the same offers, I’ve not had anything good for ages.”

A fourth said: “I always shop in there and always get disappointing gifts,” so for some, the freebies didn’t live up to the hype.

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