Mother and baby home survivors to receive redress of up to €65,000

Survivors of mother and baby homes will receive redress of up to €65,000 as part of a new scheme agreed by Cabinet today.

There will be another work-related payment for women who were resident in certain institutions for more than three months and who undertook what might be termed commercial work. These payments will range from €1,500 to €60,000.

The general payments range from €5,000 for those who spent less than three months in an institution, to €65,000 for survivors who spent 10 years or more in an institution.

The scheme will provide financial payments and an enhanced medical card to defined groups.

The Department has said that 34,000 survivors will be eligible for the financial payments at an estimated cost of €800 million.

Some 19,000 people will be eligible for an enhanced medical card. Survivors who now live abroad will also qualify for a payment.

Applications for the scheme will open in late 2022 after it is legislated for and the Government has said the scheme will be “non-adversarial”.

All mothers who spent time in a mother and baby institution will be eligible for a payment with the amount increasing based on their length of stay.

All children who spent six months or more in an institution, and who did not previously receive redress, will be eligible for payment based on their length of stay.

Announcing the scheme, the Department of Children said applicants will qualify solely based on proof of residency without a need to bring forward any evidence or abuse or medical evidence.

In certain limited circumstances, sworn affidavits will may be required.

The Government is also planning to create a National Memorial and Records Centre.

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