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Prince Charles puts out warning

Prince Charles has made it clear and warned world leaders ahead of the weekend’s COP26 climate summit to cast their differences aside “in order to rescue this planet”.

The UK is hosting the UN climate change summit in Glasgow – which begins today.

Prince Charles is due to give an opening address to the nearly 200 heads of state who will be in attendance, following the news that the Queen will no longer be attending the summit after an overnight stay in hospital.

The Prince of Wales said: “By working together we can actually address our global issues and never more important than now, when it seems to me we need to bury our differences in order to rescue this planet and everything it means, this miraculous planet, for the future of generations to come.

“As I said recently, I totally understand the frustration and despair of so many young people that these issues are taking too long to be properly addressed so we hope at Cop26 there will be progress.

“As world leaders prepare to head to Glasgow next week, where we will be looking for them to take genuine steps to address climate change and biodiversity loss, it is particularly gratifying I think to see that the British Council is pursuing programmes like the climate connection which encourages innovative climate action.”

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