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Krystal plots revenge on Kim Jae-wook in new promos for Crazy Love

The team behind KBS’s upcoming drama Crazy Love seems to be having a lot of fun with their promos, and the newest teaser and posters continue the zany vibe.

The story has Kim Jae-wook (Her Private Life) in the role of Noh Go-jin, a star lecturer who runs his own tutoring academy. With his eyes solely on making money and an irritable personality to boot, he’s made a lot of enemies throughout his career. Although he never took death threats seriously before, the messages are now increasing day by day and his safety is becoming a big concern.

Kim Jae-wook’s long-suffering secretary is Krystal (Police University), who plays the character Lee Shin-ah. Although Kim’s former secretaries never made it past three months, Krystal was determined to grit her teeth through anything in order to eventually become a lecturer herself.  As fate would have it, though, she is diagnosed with cancer and she puts the blame on Kim. With nothing left to lose now, she’s determined to get revenge.

Ha Joon (High Class) takes on the part of Kim Jae-wook’s close friend, Oh Se-gi. Well-mannered and good with people, Kim’s academy could not keep operating without Ha as its VP, as he smoothes over Kim’s rough edges. But beneath his friendly smiles, Ha is also hiding a secret – one that even Kim doesn’t know.

The new teaser opens with Kim Jae-wook teaching at his academy and he proudly greets his fans afterwards, “I am Noh Go-jin, South Korea’s best of the best.” A text screen follows, reading: “The best one-shot lecturer, scumbag CEO Noh Go-jin.” We then cut to Kim looking down at Krystal and he jeers, “Why are you standing there staring blankly? You must not be busy at all.” With a grimace, Krystal turns away and tries to encourage herself, “Who am I? I’m the miracle secretary who survived a year in this hell hole.” The text describes her as “the timid secretary who endured Scumbag Noh, miracle secretary Lee Shin-ah.”

When Kim angrily reprimands Krystal, she hides in the bathroom to cry saying, “I don’t know why I’m doing these crazy things.” The scene quickly cuts away to Krystal getting tested at the hospital and the doctor tells her, “It’s cancer, a brain tumor.” The appearing text screen reads: “One day when sh*tty things suddenly happened.”

The teaser then jumps to Kim Jae-wook getting hit by a car before being rushed to a hospital. When he wakes up, he asks, “Why are you here?” And the doctor explains, “Noh Go-jin has amnesia.” Krystal seizes the opportunity, vowing, “He can’t die like this” and lies to Kim, “It’s me, your fiancée.” But Kim gets a flash memory of Krystal holding a knife and gets scared when he sees her photo on his wall. Taken aback, he asks, “You’re saying you’re my fiancée?”

The next text screen reads: “Sweet? Scary! Super crazy romance” and, in a sequence of shots, we see Krystal taking care of Kim Jae-wook by roughly washing his face and force-feeding him food. He demands, “You better come here, quick” and she snaps back, “Who do you think you are telling me to come and go?! Am I your dog?!” The teaser comes to a close as she throws garlic at Kim’s head in anger and raises an axe at him, screaming, “This is all your fault!”

Directed by Kim Jung-hyun (My Fellow Citizens, Jugglers), and written by Kim Bo-kyum, KBS’s Crazy Love premieres on March 7 in its Monday-Tuesday slot.

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