Kim Potter trial live updates – Daunte Wright shooting officer tells of ‘chaotic’ struggle and breaks down in tears

Told to “turn off” cameras (part 1)

Kim Potter “told cops to turn off their body cameras after the fatal shooting of an autistic man in 2019,” according to bombshell legal documents.

Potter resigned on Tuesday after she accidentally shot Daunte Wright, 20, instead of using her Taser in Minnesota on Sunday during a routine traffic stop.

report states that the veteran cop, who joined the force in 1995, told officers involved in a police custody shooting to turn off their body cams afterwards – two years before she herself accidentally shot Wright.

Kobe Dimock-Heisler, 21, was fatally gunned down after he ran at two police officers with a knife on August 31, 2019, a Hennepin County Attorney’s report revealed.

“Potter instructed Officers [Cody] Turner and [Brandon] Akers to exit the residence, get into separate squad cars, turn off their body worn cameras, and to not talk to each other,” the filing noted.

Although there’s no evidence of wrongdoing on Potter’s part in this report, lawyers for the Wright family have cited it regardless.

Officers were called out to the scene because Dimock-Heisler – who told them he was suicidal and had self-harm marks on his body – threatened his elderly grandfather with a knife and a hammer.

He then lunged at three cops and tried to stab another officer, Jospeh Vu, with the knife before being shot three times each by Turner and Akers, “killing him almost instantaneously.”

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