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Kim Hee-sun, Kim Ro-woon in new promos for MBC fantasy Tomorrow

New promos have been released for MBC’s new drama Tomorrow and Kim Hee-sun (Alice) looks absolutely stunning. Not to be outdone, her co-stars, Kim Ro-woon (The King’s Affection), Lee Soo-hyuk (Doom at Your Service), and Yoon Ji-on (Jirisan) are not looking too shabby themselves, and all four actors make quite the impression — particularly in the new character posters.

The fantasy drama dives deep into the world of grim reapers, the guardians of the realm between life and death. However, rather than simple escorts to the afterlife, the story imagines a much more complex organization not unlike a corporation. Reapers are assigned to different departments, each with their own responsibilities, and one of their company goals is to try to help humans and prevent death from happening too early.

Kim Hee-sun plays grim reaper Gu Ryun, the charismatic team lead who oversees risk management. Her team is responsible for handling sensitive situations and often deals with potential suicides. Reporting under her is the eager rookie and contract worker Kim Ro-woon. Playing the part of Choi Joon-woong, the character is half-human and not a full reaper.

Also working with both Kims is Yoon Ji-on, who takes on the part of grim reaper Im Ryung-gu. Pragmatic and the voice of reason, he values work-life balance. Last but not least, Lee Soo-hyuk plays Park Joong-gil, the team lead of delivery management. As a traditionalist, he is against risk management and feels they’ve gone too far away from the grim reapers’ duty.

Production for MBC’s Tomorrow is led by film director Kim Tae-yoon (Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP) and PD Sung Chi-wook (Kairos), who are co-directing. Scripts were penned by a team of writers: Park Ran, Park Ja-kyung, and Kim Yoo-jin.

Premiering later this month on March 25, Tomorrow will be airing Fridays and Saturdays on MBC following Tracer.

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