Jail terms for Brazil nightclub killers

Almost nine years after the serious fire in a dance club in Brazil with 242 deaths, four people responsible have been sentenced to long prison terms.

The two operators of the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria in the state of Rio Grande do Sul were sentenced on Friday to 22 years and six months and 19 years and six months in prison for manslaughter. Two musicians received prison sentences of 18 years each.

In January 2013, the ceiling of the club had caught fire when the musician of a band fired a firecracker during a student party.

The emergency exits were poorly signposted and the fire extinguishers were said to have malfunctioned.

The mostly young victims burned to death or suffocated, and 636 people were injured.

The fire at the Kiss disco is considered one of the worst fire disasters in Brazil’s history.

The judge ordered their immediate detention, but the defence team for the men obtained a restraining order protecting them from imprisonment for the time being.

The lawyers for the convicts can still appeal or ask for the verdict to be overturned.

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