It’s high time that United remembered that winning pays

Everyone knows that Manchester United can be outplayed, Manchester United can be outthought, but Manchester United will never, ever be outdone when it comes to fronting up. After the dismal 2-0 defeat to Manchester City, captain Harry Maguire again bared his broad chest to the social media bullets. “As a group of players we are going through a tough period,” his Twitter account declared. “We know and accept this is nowhere near good enough. We feel your frustration and disappointment, we are doing everything we can to put things right and we will put things right. Thanks for your support <heart emoji, red emoji> UNITED”.

Bruno Fernandes’ message was shorter and got straight to the point. “Goood vibes <red emoji, white emoji, star emoji>” he wrote, over a picture of some Arsenal players laughing and enjoying a group hug in training. Within minutes Bruno’s account had deleted the tweet, and an identical tweet had been posted on the account of Arsenal’s Gabriel Martinelli. Facepalm emoji.

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