I’m an organisation expert, this is how to revamp your house in January with virtually no effort

STARTING the New Year with a clean slate is something all of us try to do. 

But a great way to walk into 2022 is by revamping your home in January to start the New Year fresh. 

Take it from the organising expert, Kathryn Lord


Take it from the organising expert, Kathryn LordCredit: Jane Cox
Getting your things sorted will have you ready for the new year


Getting your things sorted will have you ready for the new yearCredit: Getty

However this doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds and there’s some ways to revamp your home with virtually no effort.

Organising expert Kathryn Lord at More to Organising said the New Year is a great time to get revamping and decluttering in the home.  

She said: “It is good to declutter as unnecessary things take up space in your house but also your mind. By organising, life is easier. 


“Your children will know where everything is so it will make their play more purposeful and fun, and they know where to put things back! 

“Too many toys can cause an overwhelm so starting the New Year off with new habits, it will lead to less tantrums!

“Creating a calm and usable space makes everyone in the family feel better. Organising with your child in mind helps them become more independent and makes your life easier. 

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“New Year is the perfect time to get into these habits, start fresh and commit to working as a team to keep your house organised and decluttered!”

Organising expert Kathryn revealed her top tips for starting the New Year fresh by revamping your home with minimal effort. 

She said when we make our usual New Year’s resolutions, people should get into the habit of rotating items and colour coordinating items. 

But what she loves about organising and decluttering the most is how it makes households and lives easier to run. 

She said: “What I love about organising isn’t just the transformation I make into people’s homes but how it makes their lives easier to run. 

“It entails using my experiences as a teacher and a nanny to know what is most effective to organise with the child in mind.”

The organisation expert revealed her top tips for revamping the house in 2022 if you’re a household with kids. 


After Christmas, children end up with so many toys so to revamp your house in January, you should start by rotating them, suggested Kathryn.

The expert said: “Having too many toys out leads to overwhelm but also, having them out all the time can lead to boredom. 

“By rotating toys it keeps them fresh and fun but also means there are less bits to tidy up.”


Another way to easily revamp your home in the New Year with virtually no effort is to regift items – this is especially easy when you have children.

It’s a great way to organise and declutter – while finding new homes for items and removing them from your home.  

Kathryn explained: “When a child loves a movie or tv character, they usually end up with lots of the same toys at Christmas.

“Pack one away ready to be re-wrapped and regifted for a birthday present, just make sure you put a note on saying who gave it to you!”


Another way to declutter and revamp in January is to clear the house of any seasonal items, revealed organisation expert Kathryn. 

She said: “It goes without saying that you should pack away any decorations, but go through Christmas -themed toys, books and colouring pens and pack those away too. 

“Seasonal clothes, unless you have younger siblings, will not fit next year so donate now! You don’t need that cluttering up their drawers.” 


Kathryn said parents can also revamp their home in the New Year by getting rid of ‘that elf.’

After making a mess throughout your home for the whole of December, it’s time to pack it away for the following Christmas. Plus it only takes a few minutes to get rid of it. 

She said: “Wrap up, pop in the box with the breakable baubles and write ‘delicate, adults only’ on the box as it keeps little eyes from finding out the secret!”


Crackers are great for one thing, the tiny screwdriver, revealed organisation expert Kathryn. 

She advised parents to check what batteries are needed for those noisy toys Santa kindly left under the tree and keep the screwdriver with them. 

This is a clever way to revamp your kids’ toys in the New Year and ensure all their new toys are ‘usable’. 

She said: “Electronic toys with no batteries are useless!” 


Another way to revamp your home in the New Year is to remove all of the Christmas food and drink from your cupboard.

This will make it seem clearer and fresher for January – plus it takes minimal effort.

Kathryn added: “Your child will have had a lot of chocolate and sweets over the last month! 

“Out of sight,  out of mind, will help wean them off their sugar overload.”


Lastly the organisation expert said you should move furniture around at home to revamp the house. It requires barely any effort and gives rooms a whole new feel for January.

Kathryn said: “Even if it’s just so you can retrieve that jigsaw piece or essential Lego part, moving the furniture makes your room feel new and fresh. 

“Check by walking in the room to see how it feels. A calm environment leads to a calmer child.”

More to Organising, the book, is out January 2022, on Amazon or Instagram

Put away your Christmas decorations and start a-fresh


Put away your Christmas decorations and start a-freshCredit: Getty
Organising expert Kathryn Lord's book has plenty more tips to help


Organising expert Kathryn Lord’s book has plenty more tips to helpCredit: Jane Cox
Getting organised can make life easier


Getting organised can make life easierCredit: Getty

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