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A ghostly encounter

I’M A Celebrity star Richard Madeley has revealed how he and wife Judy Finnigan had a very creepy ‘three-in-a-bed’ encounter in Paris a few years back… with a ghost.

The Good Morning Britain presenter said: “It was really, really spooky.”

Richard revealed: “I could see what I thought was Judy sitting with her back to me on her side of the bed as if she was about to go to the loo or something – but she didn’t move.

“The moment I made a noise, this thing stood up with ridiculous speed and shot across the room.

“I thought, “Oh, holy s***’’. I was ­really shaken up. Next morning, Judy says to me: ‘Oh my God, I had the most bizarre nightmare. I dreamt that a ghost walked over my grave’.”

Madeley, 65, will be among the 10 stars entering the haunted Gwrych Castle this weekend for the ITV show.

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