I text a bloke the morning after our date to thank him for a great night

IT’S the polite thing to do – texting to say thanks for a good night out.

But for one woman, the reply came as something of a shock – given that the bloke was on her sofa as he sent it.

Zoe Chaplin revealed her hilarious date story on TikTok


Zoe Chaplin revealed her hilarious date story on TikTokCredit: TikTok / @zoechappers

Zoe Chaplin took to TikTok to share the hilarious tale, writing on a video: “When I had a tinder date stay over & got so drunk I text him saying thanks for a good night and he replies I’m still on your sofa, I put you to bed.”

Viewers were quick to praise the man for his decency, with one writing: “Tbh respect to him for staying on the sofa and not your bed!”

“Not many men would do the same,” Zoe acknowledged.

“please tell me you’re having a 2nd date and plan on keeping him?” another person asked, to which Zoe replied: “this was a while ago we dated for abit but we went our separate ways in the end haha.”

“Too funny,” someone else commented.

But Zoe admitted that she was left more than a little embarrassed by the situation, writing: “So embarrassing going down stairs to him on the sofa.”

“My kinda night,” another woman commented, with Zoe replying: “Too much wine!”

Someone else was quick to offer the poster some advice, writing: “He seems ok at 1st to me for being respectful, just be careful and take your time with fellas and you will be ok ,sorry for being dad-ish but I’ve got girls your age.”

Zoe dated the guy for a while but their relationship has since ended


Zoe dated the guy for a while but their relationship has since endedCredit: TikTok / @zoechappers

“100% you are right,” she responded. “I’ve learnt from mistakes I’ve made and I put myself in silly situations.

“This was a while ago and I wouldn’t do it again.”

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