I moved in with my man after 2 weeks and got married after 6

EVERY relationship is different and people take things at their own pace, right?!

Well, one couple moved a lot quicker than most with their relationship and have taken to social media to share their love story.

Melissa and Billy Gray took to TikTok to share their love story


Melissa and Billy Gray took to TikTok to share their love storyCredit: Instagram/thegrayys_

Married couple Melissa and Billy Gray created a joint TikTok account where they have a whopping 31.2k followers.

The couple have shared their story of how they quickly met, fell in love, moved into a house together and got married, all in the space of six weeks.

What takes an average couple years to reach such relationship milestones, this couple were not put off by time or societal expectations and six months later, are as happy as ever.

They explained: “So our story began on the 5th of August and it’s been a world wind of events.

“Together after 2 days. House together 2 after weeks. Engaged at 6 weeks.

“Don’t let time be a limit on love.

“We are 6 months in now and everything is good.

“Here’s to our forever.”

At the time of writing, the video was posted just two days ago and it has already racked up a whopping 1.6million views.

It has 81.6k likes, 1,408 comments and 2,672 shares.

The couple have now been together for six months and are incredibly in love


The couple have now been together for six months and are incredibly in loveCredit: tiktok/@thegrayys


Many TikTok users were extremely happy for the couple and expressed this in the comments.

One user commented: “Love this! Fair play to you both.”

Another said: “This is what I want.”

A third added: “Don’t let others tell what’s wrong or right, only you both know what’s right for you!”

Many TikTok users took to the comments to share their own love stories.

One person said: “If you know, you know! Engaged at 8 weeks, married at 15mths and in May this year we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.”

Another added: “Me and my husband got engaged after two months, been together almost 19 years.”

A third commented: “I moved in with my fella the first week we met, pregnant after 6 weeks,15 years and 5 kids later we are happier than ever.”

Not everyone was hopeful for the couple


Not everyone was hopeful for the coupleCredit: Instagram/thegrayys_

However, not everyone was as keen on the idea of moving at this pace and took to the comments to question how long the couple would last.

One person said: “Divorced in a year.”

Another added: “Nah I’m sorry but this is just too quick it’s so easy to think it’s right but only time tells.”

A third commented: “Divorced at 12?” to which the couple responded “24 weeks and we good so far.”

Another said: “I mean, it’s just logic to tell people to wait longer than 2 weeks into a relationship before they buy a house together. Just seems like rushing” but the couple confirmed “We rent, not brought? However we are this year.. Yes.”

The couple also added: “We privately rent and tenancy is in both our names. Everything is 50:50.”

Melissa revealed just how much she appreciates her husband and said: “I don’t thank this man enough for all he’s done for me.

“He really did save me, he makes me laugh from the minute I wake up, to the minute I fall asleep.

“This man has made me feel worthy of love and has made me become a better being.”

The couple don't care what people say as they are happy and didn't want time to limit their love


The couple don’t care what people say as they are happy and didn’t want time to limit their loveCredit: Instagram/thegrayys_

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