Ghislaine Maxwell trial news LIVE – Epstein’s ‘Madam’s black book’ still SECRET as judge rules against ‘namedropping’

Farmer believed she would receive tuition support

Farmer said she believed Epstein would help her pay for her college education, and expected other students to be at the ranch – which there weren’t.

While at the ranch, Maxwell offered to give Farmer a massage, Farmer testified.

Farmer, now 42, agreed to receive the massage and got undressed, she said. Maxwell touched her breasts during the massage, Farmer said.

“Once she pulled down the sheet I felt kind of frozen,” Farmer said.

Later on during the trip, Farmer said Epstein came into her room and climbed into bed with her.

“Suddenly Epstein kind of opened my door, bounding into the room in a playful way, saying that he wanted to cuddle,” Farmer said, adding that Epstein “pressed his body into me.”

She said she became uncomfortable and said she had to use the bathroom, which she described as an “excuse” to get away from Epstein.

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