Freelance artist: making a success out of what she loves


or Harkiran ‘Harky’ Kalsi, there’s never been a time she hasn’t had art in her life. “Being south Asian, our culture is, you should be a doctor, a lawyer,” she says, “but because of my mum’s background – she was a teacher and an artist – she didn’t push that on me.”

What she did push was to make a success out of what she loved. “That’s why I’ve put everything in to it,” says Kalsi, whose work encompasses positive campaigns for causes such as BLM and LGBTQ+.

“Art is my therapy,” she says. “It’s a way for me to put it all out into my work, so as much as it connects and binds us, it also helps me to just let it out.”

The Samsung Tab is her portable studio

As essential as her art is to her life, so is Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G essential to her art. It’s her portable studio, her canvas, her companion. “I like how easy it is to take it out with me,” she says.

“It’s literally just my pen and tablet. I’ll sketch things out to give me a rough idea of what I want them to feel like and look like, and from tablet I’ll go straight on to the canvas. That’s the process,” Kalsi adds, smiling. “Simple!”

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