Flood warnings LIVE – Danger to life alert tracker and power cuts & travel disruption likely as UK hit by storms

Explained: What is flooding and why does it happen?

When there’s too much water, or if the water’s in the wrong place, it causes a problem that’s called flooding.

In the UK, people are sometimes forced out of their homes when lots of rain has fallen in a short space of time and caused a flood.

There are many different types of flooding, and some of the most common ones are:

  • Coastal flooding 
  • River flooding 
  • Groundwater flooding 
  • Flash floods 

Because the UK gets a lot of rain and sometimes it’s really heavy, normally the soil and plants act like a giant sponge. However, sometimes the sponge effect doesn’t work because the ground is already very wet.

When that happens, all the rain tries to get into the river at the same time. If the river isn’t big enough to handle the water there will be a flood.

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