Exact date snow will fall as Brits will see Arctic blast hit parts of country

Keeping a winter kit in your car

Breaking down in summer is annoying. Breaking down in winter can be dangerous.

When temperatures drop, a simple mechanical failure can put the occupants of a vehicle at serious risk if they can’t be rescued quickly. 

And with weather events increasing the likelihood of closed roads and sudden floods, you should prepare your vehicle for a long wait in the cold.

Keep warm clothing and a travel rug in your car in case you become stranded in freezing conditions. 

An ice scraper should be stowed in your glove box in case you need it when you get moving again, or in case your car unexpectedly freezes when parked. 

Keep food and snacks in the car, in case your wait is really long. 

You should carry a high-vis vest and a torch in case you or a passenger needs to leave the car. 

A snow shovel can help if you get really stuck.

And, perhaps most importantly, carry a phone charger – and use it.

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