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Shooting Stars: Episodes 3-4

Cloudy backstories, continued bickering, and extra behind-the-scenes celeb craziness as we delve additional into the world of our stars and their orbits. While celebrities may not be the best individuals to take care of, their group will do the whole lot potential to handle them. Even if it contains maxing out their stress-o-meters.


Following the information of Han-byeol being Tae-sung’s college ex, the PR workers excitedly develop shipper theories. Thankfully, they handle to take down the publish earlier than it spreads, however Han-byeol is horrified nonetheless and tells them to report back to her if the image goes up on-line once more.

Tae-sung runs right into a fellow actor on the company (cameo by Lee Ki-woo). He seems actually sick and says he doesn’t have a lot time to stay… however because it seems, he’s only a bit too into the character he’s presently enjoying in his sob-fest melodrama. Unfortunately, his technique appearing lands each him and his supervisor within the hospital and the PR group has to take care of the aftermath (which incorporates their boss demanding the actor’s subsequent position be one the place he performs a wholesome and profitable character lol).

Dae-soo and Yoo-sung, with their respective actors, meet exterior the audition for Tae-sung’s upcoming drama, and Dae-soo needs a promising rookie would fall out of the sky.

Not out of the sky however in an area restaurant, a good-looking cook dinner, KANG SHI-DEOK (Lee Seung-hyub), rejects a scouting supply from the enraptured Ho-young. She goes to Ji-hoon for recommendation on securing her diamond within the tough, and we see how he had satisfied Tae-sung to signal with StarForce Entertainment.

Even throughout his highschool days, Tae-sung (who has all the time been a grumpy-pants) had obtained a variety of scouting affords. But with Ji-hoon’s persistence and a “business secret” (and a few hilarious Heirs meta for our enjoyment), he managed to win Tae-sung over.

Everyone at work is required to fill out a stress-index questionnaire and Tae-sung’s new supervisor BYUN JUNG-YEOL (Jin Ho-eun) — the junior workers scolded by Yoo-sung final week — brings it to him. To no one’s shock, although, grumpy-pants refuses to fill out the questionnaire.

The outcomes of the audition are available and Dae-soo’s actress passes as a result of she’s a impolite brat in actual life, and her position is that of a impolite high star — they thought she was appearing the half lol. Unfortunately, Yoo-sung’s rookie actor didn’t get the position. Even although his audition was wonderful, the position was given to a distinct actor out of pure nepotism.

To de-stress, Han-byeol goes to look at a film, however the supply of all her stress additionally comes to look at the identical film. Sigh. A flashback to their college days reveals them on the cinema and whereas Tae-sung had been staring on the display screen, she was taking a look at him. The reverse is the case now, and it’s his flip to stare at her.

Tae-sung nonetheless thinks Han-byeol despatched him to Africa on goal, in order that they talk about what led to his volunteering journey. A yr in the past at a press convention, one among Tae-sung’s rivals (is that you simply Jang Ki-yong?) was within the information for voicing his desires of serving to these in Africa. Tae-sung questioned if he might additionally volunteer, however Han-byeol didn’t suppose he had it in him. Fueled by her lack of religion, he declared loudly that he would go to Africa! Unfortunately, his declaration was caught on digicam by the horde of reporters and headlines had been made. Talk about unhealthy timing.

At residence, Tae-sung reads the information about an older actress (cameo by Choi Ji-woo) getting a divorce, and a panic assault comes on. From his hazy flashbacks, we see he has a reference to the actress… as a result of what’s a Okay-drama male lead with no painful backstory?

Just then, Han-byeol calls — and part of me thinks she learn the information and needs to investigate cross-check him — however by some means, she finally ends up nagging him concerning the stress questionnaire. They make a wager to see who’s probably the most careworn between them, however the gold medal for stress is awarded to Ki-bbeum, who keels over from acute appendicitis and must be rushed to the hospital.

Even whereas listening to she wants surgical procedure, Ki-bbeum remains to be in reporter mode and continues to put in writing an article till she is dragged away by the docs lol. Meanwhile, Ho-young visits our technique actor within the hospital and asks if he regrets her scouting him to grow to be an actor. He says he doesn’t, and she or he runs off with renewed vigor to Shi-deok, who lastly accepts her scouting supply. Yaaay!

Speaking of managers who go all out for his or her stars, Yoo-sung craftily snags again the position that was unfairly taken from his rookie. He does this by staging an elaborate scene at a bar the place the actor is current, ultimately (and deliberately) catching a punch from him, which ends up in a settlement. Yoo-sung may need a near-concussion, however his rookie now has the position. Now that’s dedication!

Meanwhile, at a fan-signing occasion, Han-byeol notices that Tae-sung appears to be drained, and when she spots his now stuffed out questionnaire, warning alarms go off in her head. He stumbles ever so barely onstage, and whereas he’s steadied by a bodyguard, her instincts additionally kick in to catch him. As she rushes to the stage, she journeys and goes sliding into the center of the 2 mens’ legs. The embarrassing second is performed for comedy to the Titanic theme tune, and captured by numerous fancams. It goes viral on the web. Poor Han-byeol.

Of course, Tae-sung won’t ever enable such a golden alternative for a tease to cross him by, and he makes the very same sliding pose at his subsequent photoshoot. He actually is the bane of her existence, isn’t he? To make issues worse, he will get a “perfect score” on his stress-index questionnaire and wins their wager. As a outcome, Han-byeol has to get a 3-month pay minimize. Yikes! Still, Han-byeol worries about him and wonders if he’ll undergo counseling due to his excessive stress rating.

Shi-deok formally joins StarForce Entertainment, and turns into roommates with Yoo-sung’s rookie actor YOON JAE-HYUN (Shin Hyun-seung). Meanwhile, not resting on her oars, Ho-young poaches one other actor (cameo by Lee Sang-woo). According to the rumors, he’s a royal ache, however Ho-young argues that he’s well-mannered. Anyway, he finally ends up proving that two truths can coexist, by being a really well mannered jerk!

Filming begins for Tae-sung’s new drama, and Jung-yeol goes over and above in his managerial duties on set – sharing drinks endorsed by Tae-sung’s rival, taking directions too actually, and even spreading Tae-sung’s moist briefs within the open. He’s so earnest and unintentionally hilarious. Anyway, all of this naturally will get Tae-sung will get upset, and he refuses to movie like a real diva. To clean issues over with the crew, Han-byeol and her group convey snacks and a espresso truck to the filming location, and a stunned Tae-sung has the most important of grins on his face when he sees her. Aigoo! He is so smitten.

When an aged passerby collapses in the course of the set, Jung-yeol, who occurs to be a former ambulance driver, performs first support. Thankfully, the aged man survives, and Tae-sung begins to melt in his angle in the direction of Jung-yeol.

In his workplace, Soo-hyuk watches Han-byeol’s viral sliding clip and thinks she’s cute. On one other event, he spots her in a restaurant on the weekend and treats her to espresso. Then at work, he walks in on the PR workers growing new TaeByeol theories, and ultimately, he asks Han-byeol point-blank if she’s courting Tae-sung.

For somebody who was simply occupied with how good Tae-sung might be now and again – he saved her from additional embarrassment on her sliding mishap and didn’t comply with by way of with the docking of her paycheck as per their wager – Han-byeol flat out denies such a preposterous declare. Tae-sung, who’s listening in down the corridor, stands there unhappily, whereas Soo-hyuk is clearly delighted.

Well, what did I say final week about love triangles? I actually need to cease being so fast to guage dramas by their first week. While I’m comfortable to see extra Soo-hyuk scenes this week, this has all of the makings of second lead syndrome.

Two weeks into the drama, it doesn’t appear to be a lot is occurring plot clever, because the story is extra concerning the characters as an alternative. By the best way, is it simply me or are there a lot of characters on this drama? Just after I suppose we’re finished with character introductions, one other one pops proper out. I’m not complaining, as a result of I benefit from the secondary characters, however I ponder if the drama will be capable of correctly develop their respective storylines.

Shooting Stars continues to be a lightweight and straightforward watch, and the cameo appearances are icing on the cake – the strategy actor and his supervisor had been my spotlight of the week! While I might admire somewhat extra plot growth, I’m not in a rush for Tae-sung and Han-byeol’s romance to start. I’m a sucker for his or her petty bickering, so convey it on.


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