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Tomorrow: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

Tomorrow is right here, and it’s an attention-grabbing mixture of downright hilarious quips and bodily comedy set to the backdrop of tremendous darkish themes round suicide. Indeed, our staff of misfit grim reapers is all about saving suicidal people and exhibiting them how treasured their lives really are.

Editor’s notice: This drama begins off every episode with a warning that it comprises content material about suicide, and although the message of the present is concerning the inherent value of each life, and that suicide isn’t the reply, this subject is certainly not for everybody, so we’ll be placing this notice at the beginning of our weecaps, too. And, if you happen to ever want anybody to speak to, please know there’s an entire group right here to help you.


There’s nothing like a drama with actually robust world-building — and Tomorrow has it in spades. And with a fantastical story about an underworld that smacks of company forms, and an “everyman” character that will get swept into one other realm, properly, the story wants all of the grounding it might probably get.

Happily, Tomorrow is sort of skillful at acquainting the viewers not solely with the principles of the world and the conflicts our characters will meet, however it does so with a matter-of-factness that one way or the other makes it much more buyable. Of course there are grim reapers strolling round Seoul. Of course there’s a particular staff that saves people who’re struggling alone of their darkest moments. Of course they’re on the company chopping block, under-funded, and under-staffed.

The drama begins with fairly a powerful opening — we see the teamwork between our lead grim reaper GU RYEON (Kim Hee-sun) and her underling IM RYONG-KOO (Yoon Ji-on). Ryeon stops a gaggle of individuals in the midst of finishing up a suicide pact… however she does it by some mighty questionable means.

Do the means justify the ends, or does she want a softer contact? This will certainly come into query later, however there are additionally greater issues at hand, like the truth that her little staff of two doesn’t have the manpower to do their job properly sufficient. And Ryong-koo, although fairly competent, doesn’t care to clock any additional time.

Ryeon and Ryong-koo quickly cross paths with our (human) hero CHOI JUN-WOONG (Kim Ro-woon). Jun-woong is having a time of it, having failed one more job interview resulting from pure nepotism (not lack of enthusiasm or expertise), and he’s feeling sorry for himself whereas strolling throughout a bridge. Our grim reapers are watching from afar, as a result of there’s a human that wants their assist. But it’s not Jun-woong — it’s the down-on-his-luck ajusshi that’s trying to bounce off the bridge. Jun-woong does all the things to save lots of him, however the reapers quickly swoop in, after which the scene will get loopy… as in loopy hilarious.

This bridge scene is definitely the right instance of the drama’s tone — and it’s that unusual mixture I discussed earlier, the place the subject material is sort of severe (and given the complete gravity it deserves), however it’s additionally sprinkled with so many quips and comedic moments that I discovered myself laughing greater than the rest.

For occasion, whereas Jun-woong is attempting to yank the ajusshi off the railing, he desperately calls him samcheon (uncle), however as a substitute of being touched, the ajusshi screams again, “I don’t have a nephew like you!” Then, when the reapers land on the bridge and Ryeon kicks the interfering Jun-woong into subsequent week, the comedy solely continues — Ryong-koo assesses Jun-woong’s bodily situation, prompting Jun-woong to ask if he’s a physician. But Ryong-koo simply quips that he’s been watching quite a lot of medical dramas recently and he at all times needed to check out the strains. It’s after this scene that I knew I used to be going to love this drama lol.

Another vital a part of the drama’s world-building — along with the tone and the characters — is the aesthetics, and right here they do an incredible job as properly. Every scene is sharp and trendy, and our reapers look (appropriately) like they’ve been torn from a manhwa. Kim Hee-sun is especially enjoyable to observe as she struts round, equally weighed down by her charismatic coolness and the gravity of her mission. Whether she’s attempting to snag low-cost designer items on-line, or making theological arguments throughout an underworld board assembly about human suicide, hers is a personality I already like. And she’s virtually constructed to be the foil for Jun-woong.

In distinction to the cool and indifferent angle of our reapers, Jun-woong is as earnest as he’s derpy. And it’s excellent, as a result of we want a easy, clean slate type of character that we are able to comply with… as a result of we’re about to comply with him into the underworld.

The scuffle on the bridge results in the ajusshi and Jun-woong going over the facet — Jun-woong wakes up within the hospital in a while, however he’s… in a coma. When Ryeon seems in his room, he’s certain he’s useless and that she’s come to gather his soul, however in a pleasant dramatic twist, she says they should take accountability for him due to the accident.

She provides him a physique (muah!) and whisks him off right down to the underworld — an amusing journey which begins at a mortician’s workplace entrance, goes by a hell cave, after which opens as much as a luxurious workplace the likes of which we’ve by no means seen. Except it’s not an workplace, actually, it’s the underworld generally known as Jumadeung.

Here Jun-woong meets the JADE EMPEROR (Kim Hae-sook), a deity that guidelines over Heaven. (The theology right here factors again to historical Chinese texts and mythology the place the cosmos have been separated into Heaven, Earth, and Underworld, and every operated inside a bureaucratic construction — extra on this later after I do extra analysis, because it ties into the drama so apparently. Please go away feedback about this when you have any data to drop!)

The Jade Emperor provides our hero a alternative: spend three years in that coma along with his candy mother crying over him, or work for Jumadeung for six months (whereas his physique is within the coma) after which get his life again.

It’s apparent that Jun-woong’s six months of service and Ryeon’s want for one more staff member will collide, and although she’s none too happy by having a half-human on mortgage to her staff, she takes him on reluctantly since she’s hanging by a thread (and calls him Half-and-Half for example his present dichotomous state). And so the staff of two is now a staff of three — for now — and we get the enjoyable of following our hero as he experiences an entire new (underneath)world.

The Jun-woong-on-loan setup is nice as a result of we study the principles of the world together with him, and as cool as Kim Hee-sun is on this position, what actually makes it’s the distinction of her character to the derpy Jun-woong. I’ve handy it to Ro-woon right here — this boy has actually discovered his area of interest enjoying an overgrown dork. Whether he’s freaking out or whimpering or hitting the hospital curtains in frustration, I spent extra time chuckling at this present than the rest. If the primary episode is any indication, it’s going to be quite a lot of enjoyable.

However, it received’t solely be enjoyable — there’s additionally that deeper present that’s operating by the drama, since our Crisis Management reaper staff is tasked with saving suicidal people. The Jade Emperor would possibly inform Ryeon off for her strategies, however she additionally understands that one thing must be executed about these people. She reminds everybody throughout a Jumadeung board assembly that their nation has the best suicide fee on this planet, dropping 40 folks per day (such heart-breaking numbers), and it additionally has the bottom beginning fee.

Ryeon and her staff absolutely have their job lower out for them, and as we finish our first episode, the staff will get an alert (on their underworld app, hah) that identifies a human who’s getting into harmful ranges of destructive vitality. And off they go to attempt to save her, with our clueless hero tagging alongside, and hints of the mind-bending craziness to come back in Episode 2 as they attempt to save her.


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