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Showtime Begins!: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

What occurs if you mix a secretive magician, ghostly hijinks, and a homicide thriller or two? Much more than sleight-of-hand, that’s for positive. If you’re like me, you’ve been wanting ahead to this one for some time, and the second we’ve been ready for is lastly right here – it’s showtime!

Editor’s word: Continued drama protection is pending primarily based on Beanie suggestions.

It’s tough to pinpoint the tone of Showtime Begins! from simply the primary episode. We open on a chilling exorcism that in the end kills the shaman performing it, however we additionally get moments of poignancy, slapstick comedy, and type of every little thing in between as properly.

The shaman (Kim Won-hae) is the grandfather of our hero, famed magician CHA CHA-WOONG (Park Hae-jin), and as his power fades, he says that Cha-woong should take up his responsibility of serving the household’s spirit referred to as the General.

Cha-woong, nevertheless, has no intention of doing so. Growing up, he’d watched with satisfaction as his grandfather helped their neighbors drive out spirits and remedy issues, all whereas declining items of thanks… just for them to activate him when he was arrested in reference to a serial killer case.

It appears Cha-woong’s grandfather was attempting to catch the killer himself and obtained in the way in which of the police investigation; therefore his arrest. As Cha-woong watched their neighbors curse his grandfather to reporters, he swore off ever serving to anybody however himself.

So as an alternative, he performs magic exhibits with elaborate results like pyrotechnics, levitating, and escaping from chains inside a locked water tank. His massive spotlight efficiency includes using a motorbike round a hoop whereas a volunteer shoots flaming arrows at him.

Of course, he dodges all of the arrows – besides the final one, which launches late attributable to a technical concern and lodges sq. in his chest. Except, when everybody rushes to verify on him, his go well with is empty, and he seems again on his platform, utterly unhurt.

In efficiency, Cha-woong carries himself with a confidence that errs on the aspect of cocky, smugly declaring that there’s a distinction between an actual magician and a trickster (putting himself within the first class) and pledging to refund the ticket worth tenfold to anybody who can guess the key to even considered one of his stunts.

But in personal, he’s truly terrified that somebody will uncover his secret – which, in fact, is that he depends completely on his assistants, who’re a trio of ghosts.

NAM SANG-GOON (Jung Suk-yong) acts as his physique double; MA DONG-CHEOL (Go Kyu-pil) is his strongman; and KANG AH-REUM (Park Seo-yeon) handles mechanical props.

They all have their causes for needing to earn cash earlier than they will enter the afterlife, so that they work as Cha-woong’s workers, and he pays them, provides them a spot to remain, and even feeds them from his desk – however solely the meals he likes to eat, naturally.

Meanwhile, our feminine lead, GO SEUL-HAE (Jin Ki-joo), is a younger police officer with a dogged sense of justice and a slight tendency to place her foot in her mouth. She additionally turns right into a puddle of goo any time her sunbae, website positioning HEE-SOO (Kim Jong-hoon), is within the neighborhood, and whereas he positively regards her with affection, it’s unclear if it’s of the romantic or brotherly kind.

Seul-hae’s path crosses Cha-woong’s when she chases a purse-snatcher into his magic present and errors him for the perpetrator. Then she unintentionally takes Cha-woong’s helmet, leaving as an alternative the one she borrowed from her neighbor, which has a built-in digital camera.

That digital camera is an issue for Cha-woong, as a result of it recorded him speaking to his assistants and will expose his secret to the world. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t notice this till after Seul-hae has switched the helmets again.

There have been obtrusive hints all through the primary half that Seul-hae’s neighbor was going to die, however it’s nonetheless surprising and saddening the way in which it performs out, with Cha-woong swerving to keep away from hitting him together with his automobile, solely to understand he’s already lifeless and wandering round as a ghost. But it’s even worse for Seul-hae, as a result of she’s out looking the woods for a reported corpse and solely learns it’s her neighbor when she finds his physique.

Cha-woong, determined to guard his secret, has adopted her, hounding her in regards to the helmet and the digital camera footage. She removes him within the second, however later places the encounter along with the truth that: 1) glass from Cha-woong’s headlight was discovered close to the bakery her neighbor visited simply earlier than dying; and a pair of) Cha-woong is aware of precisely what her neighbor purchased at that bakery. It all factors to Cha-woong as her major suspect, so she goes straight to his home to arrest him.

Half-blinded by grief and rage, Seul-hae tries numerous weapons from a taser to a baton to subdue him, however his ghost assistants block each, leaving her staring in shock because the weapons fall harmlessly to the bottom or are wrested proper out of her arms. After a short second of calculation, Cha-woong leans in and whispers that that is the work of ghosts.

On paper, I’m unsure I’d count on to love both of our two leads as a lot as I did. He’s all bluster and vanity – till his masks slips simply sufficient for us to see his insecurity and ache beneath. And whereas she’s not essentially the most competent cop you could possibly ask for, her interactions along with her neighbor and even a few of her bickering exchanges with Cha-woong went a good distance towards endearing her to me.

Even on the finish of this primary episode, it looks like we’re nonetheless working our manner by way of the setup, however total I discovered the episode fairly enjoyable and fascinating, even with its extra somber turns. Most of the comedy bits are inclined to lean very foolish (which to be trustworthy isn’t my favourite), however the emotional elements and the characters themselves have been compelling, so I’m tentatively however hopefully buckled in for no matter type of journey it seems to be.


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