EastEnders fans all have the same complaint as Janine makes bizarre comment to Mick

EASTENDERS viewers were left scratching their heads during Friday night’s episode of the BBC1 soap after a conversation between Mick and Janine.

In desperation to get her daughter Scarlett back Janine talked Mick into pretending they were a couple ahead of her visit from social services.

Janine made a dig at Mick about his age


Janine made a dig at Mick about his age

Reluctantly agreeing to Janine’s plan, Mick said: “I can see how much you want your daughter back.”

Janine replied: “I am trying to be more boring, maybe you could give me some lessons?

“Seriously though, I do get it if you just can’t trust yourself. But you do know that me and you would never be a thing, Mick. I mean let’s face it, you are nearly old enough to be my dad.”

But viewers were quick to point out that 38-year-old Janine, played by Charlie Brooks, was very wrong – as Mick is only five years older than her at 43.

One wrote: “Old enough to be your dad? Um no he ain’t. He’s around the same age.”

Another said: “Janine saying Mick’s nearly old enough to be her dad. Wishful thinking, pretty sure they’re about the same age.”

And a third added: “Very odd line from Janine about Mick being nearly old enough to be her dad.”

During an episode in November Janine’s age was revealed to fans – and a lot of them were left open-mouthed.

After Janine revealed she is 38, viewers flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts.

“Janine is younger than I thought,” one wrote, as someone else chimed in: “I actually thought Janine was in her 40s.”

A third fan looked into her age further and added that the scriptwriters may have actually aged the character by a year accidentally.

“So they have aged up Janine on her return,” they wrote. “She started secondary school with Sonia, Martin and Clare in 1996, so should be 36-37 now, not 38.”

But viewers were quick to point out she was wrong


But viewers were quick to point out she was wrong
EastEnders fans open-mouthed as soap FINALLY confirms Janine Butcher’s age

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