Did Shashi Tharoor Play A Role in a Black And White Film? What’s The Truth!

Did Shashi Tharoor seem as a baby artist in a black and white movie. Was his onscreen identify Master Gyaan. The complete hearsay started when movie author Vaibhav Vishal shared a black and whereas image with the caption, “While @ShashiTharoor never was in Andaz Apna Apna, he did act in movies as a child star. His screen name was Master Gyaan, and he did 9 Hindi and Malayalam films. Attaching a still from Jailor with Geeta Bali. Today was just the right day to revisit this picture. Go, Shashi!”

The little one within the image do resembled Shashi, the smooth hair, the trademark jacket and the gracious smile. The Trivandrum MP replied to the tweet, “And I had tried to keep it secret all along! Good sleuthing @ofnosurnamefame ! Btw I am still known as Master Gyaan…”

Soon one other image from Andaaz Apna Apna the place an individual resembling the politician went viral. However, all these turned out to be a Fool’s Day prank.

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He clarified, “For all those folks who took this exchange seriously: It’s a joke! He is pulling my leg and I am playing along for fun. See yesterday’s date! #AprilFoolsDay.”

Vaibhav too clarified the identical, he wrote, “Sorry to burst everybody’s bubble here, but you guys were, well, April fooled. Politics is the best acting @ShashiTharoor does, and he does a phenomenal job of it, but outside of that, he never has acted in any movies. PS: Master Gyaan he definitely is.”

He additional stated, “Such a sport, @ShashiTharoor! The best we have. The. Best. PS: To the lovely media outlets that covered this story, come on, guys! One basic google search is all that was needed. Plus, 1st April.”

It turned out that the poster was from the movie Jailor which launched in 1958–simply two years after Shashi was born. Some customers additionally identified that the movie is Ferry and the kid artist is Babu. Twitteratis are nonetheless investigating on who the kid artist is? Let’s wait and watch!

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