Cigarette prices latest – Budget 2021 sends UK cost of ciggies soaring – how much are they now, plus pensions & tax news

SMOKERS will see the price of cigarettes hit a massive £13.60 as the Chancellor revealed a tobacco tax hike.

The price of a 20-pack will soar by up to 88p under the latest increase, with the extra levy coming into effect from 6pm last night.

It means 88p will be added to the priciest packs of fags, increasing their cost from £12.73 to just over £13.60.

The cheapest 20 packs will go up by 63p from £9.10 to £9.73 under the move.

Rishi Sunak also made major announcements on the minimum wage, Alcohol Duty, the Universal Credit programme, a £435m crime blitz, the unfreezing of public sector pay and a major homebuilding plan.

Follow live reaction and find out what the Budget means for your family in our live blog below…

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