Brian Laundrie update – ‘Ex-girlfriend’ before Gabby Petito posts about case as autopsy doesn’t determine cause of death


Online sleuths looking for clues in the murder of Gabby Petito claim a photo of Brian Laundrie grabbing her by the neck while kissing her shows “controlling and obsessive behavior.”

In a slideshow of images uploaded to Gabby Petito’s Instagram account on July 26, captured at the Mystic Host Springs in Utah, an image shows Gabby and Brian embracing under a red rock arch as a natural shower of water rains over them.

Gabby is seen with her left hand placed on Brian’s shoulder while they kiss, while Laundrie’s hands are grasped around her neck.

“This photo with his hand of her throat say [sic] it all folks,” one person wrote in the comments of the post. “This girl, is sadly gone.”

“I get very controlling and jealous vibe from him,” added another. “He is very unhappy and angry at the world. You can see it in his words.”

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