Boris Johnson announcement – New Year lockdown decision DELAYED as PM is begged to hold off after bombshell Omicron data

Booster jabs DO work against Omicron

More data shows that people are far less likely to get infected with Covid once they get a booster vaccine.

The REACT-1 study, from Imperial College London, swabs more than 100,000 people across England for Covid every month.

The results of its most recent sample – (round 16) from November 23 to December 14 – was published today.

Professor Paul Elliott, director of the study, said: “The proportion of samples that we sequenced that are Omicron has been rapidly increasing…

“We estimate around 8-9 days for Omicron to go from 10 per cent to 90 per cent, which is around three to four times faster than when we observed Delta replacing Alpha earlier in the year.”

It showed that in round 16, Covid positivity fell by over 40 per cent in those over 65.

For those aged 75 years and over it fell by two-thirds.

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