Autistic children need better care: Experts

HYDERABAD: As the world observes Autism Day on Saturday, dad and mom of youngsters affected with the dysfunction are searching for higher medical care and extra specialised faculties for his or her wards.

Meanwhile, paediatricians within the metropolis warn that the variety of autism affected youngsters is silently rising in India.


According to a medical examine performed in 2018, one out of 100 youngsters is affected with the dysfunction. In nations like India, when a toddler is affected, the household goes by way of a whole lot of trauma which might solely be managed with totally different therapies.

Dr Pratima Giri, baby growth specialist at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, mentioned, “As per the recommendations by the Indian Association of Paediatrics, the screening of all children should be done at 18 months for autism. It is very important for experienced physicians to assess a child with autism carefully as they often show symptoms like hyperactivity, anxiety and attention problems.”  


Dr Ashish Chauhan, guide inside drugs and immunisation specialist, mentioned, “Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder, which is a genetic disorder. In our society there has to be campaigns to educate people on such myths. Moreover, it must be ensured that families of affected children should not be stigmatised by the society.”  

Seema Shet, mom of an autism affected baby mentioned, “My son is now 8-year-old. Five years ago, he was diagnosed with autism. As per the feedback given by his teachers, we are taking him to a specialist. Until he was 15 months old, he was a normal kid.”


“In Hyderabad we need more centres and specialists for such                        children. Many centres are just to make money. Also, there are no good schools for these children. A lot of parents are suffering. so, these children should be given admission in all schools,” Seema Shet added.

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